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Shanghai Shengnong International
co. Ltd.
Specialized in the import and
export of agricultural chemicals.
Home-used hygienic insecticides,
fertilizer, trace elements and
chemical intermediates are traded as side line. As the window company of the major manufacturers of agricultural chemicals in China, Shengnong International Ltd. actively explores overseas markets and assists both domestic and overseas clients to obtain product registration in over 20 countries and regions worldwide. Shengnong International Ltd. will continue to maintain its leading advantages in the technologies involved in the production of tebuconazole, cyhalofop-butyl and .....>>more

Address:Rm 807-808, No.3, Lane 539, East Xinjian Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, 201199, China
Contact: Reechy Xu, Merry Yin
Tel:+86 21-3468 9289, +86 21-3468 9215
Mobile: Merry Yin +86 137 6496 2760,

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